Why HOP into Homecare! Part 2

After graduating from medical school over a decade ago, I have been working with home health agencies of all different sizes and needs. I observed that onboarding was extremely challenging, regardless of the size or resources of an agency.

Educators & Clinical Management were “recreating the wheel” every time a clinician was onboarded. There was no standard process or content that was in-place. Content had to be updated every time regulations changed, due to competing priorities, content was always lagging regulations and evidence-based practices.

Gap in communication between different functions meant either the new hire was released too soon, or not soon enough.  Both scenarios created disengaged new hire who is likely to quit within first 90 days! 

I searched for content already available that could help me onboard clinicians and streamline my department's processes.  I reviewed content libraries provided by the biggies (Elsevier, Medbridge, Relias) but was disappointed. The content libraries were so extensive (and not home care specific) that our education department would need to sit for months to curate the courses.  Home health seemed like a second thought and not the main "customer" of these education platforms. 

The trackability of the clinician in the field was another challenge.  None of these platforms provided us with solutions that we could apply directly in the field for field orientation.  

Therefore, I sat in my closet for two years (during the pandemic) and built my own content library specific to skilled home care.  I also did not want the traditional (boring?) format, so I created my own format!  I included infographics, fun text, color and content that is evidence based and backed by research.  

I love home care and feel excited to be able to build a platform that is specific to the needs of skilled home health agencies!  


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