Redesigning Onboarding Process for a Homecare Agency: A Lean Case Study

As the homecare industry grows and faces increasing challenges, it becomes more important to provide efficient and effective onboarding processes for new clinicians. In this case study, we explore how a corporate agency with seven branches across the east coast improved their onboarding process and outcomes using lean methodology.

The Challenge

The agency had been struggling with high turnover rates among newly hired clinicians, as well as inconsistent outcomes in Oasis Assessments (a standardized assessment tool used to measure patient outcomes in home health care). The onboarding process was largely unstructured and lacked standardization across branches, which led to confusion and inefficiencies.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge, I implemented a lean methodology that included Kaizen, value stream mapping, and standard work. I analyzed the current onboarding process and identified areas for improvement, such as standardizing the training materials and providing more...

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