Home Health Clinical Strategy Based on Referral Source


More than ever, Covid-19 crises has demonstrated the value of having a holistic approach to patient management.  Covid-19 crisis has shown how age, underlying chronic conditions, socioeconomic status, and other risk-factors can influence mortality of a patient. 

In my prior post, I talked about how home care agencies providing high-quality, cost-effective care can position themselves as value-adding entities during this pandemic. All patients being admitted into home care are not alike, agencies must develop clinical training and management strategies that help clinicians case manage patients coming from different referral sources with different referral source based risk factors.  

Since majority (>75%) of home care patients admitted into home care services are from in-patient settings (short term acute care hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, inpatient acute rehab) it is paramount for home care agencies to develop a specific clinical assessment focus and clinical...

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Impact of Reduced Hospitalizations During COVID - 19

Multiple studies conducted (referenced below) have found a substantial decrease in the number of non–COVID-19 hospitalizations across a range of diagnoses during the peak COVID-19 period.

The decrease was observed for exacerbations of chronic conditions (heart failure, COPD), acute medical events that typically require inpatient management (myocardial infarction, appendicitis), and injuries.  Most of these studies relied on diagnostic codes, which have imperfect capture of both COVID-19 and other diagnoses.



To summarize the trends observed above, clearly patients with chronic conditions accessed fewer acute care and post discharge services as compared with years prior.  Can we safely conclude that some of acute and post acute care services accessed in years prior could have been excess or unnecessary? 

One of the theory outlined in a study was that due to the COVID pandemic, patients started practicing better infection prevention and...

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